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            Institutional Membership

            Exclusive Benefits for Institutional Members:

            • Access to an interdisciplinary community of more than 25,000 biotechnologists.
            • Opportunities to forge links between academia and industry.
            • Opportunities for joint interdisciplinary activities with EFB to complement and avoid clashes with those of national societies.
            • Opportunities to include free advertisements events or news in the monthly EFB Newsletter.
            • Opportunities to advertise events or activities on the homepage of the EFB website.
            • Opportunities to organise high impact joint meetings at minimal financial risk.
            • Decreased charges for exhibition space at the European Congress of Biotechnology.
            • 10% reduction in registration fees for all meetings organised by the EFB.
            • Reduced fees for advertising in New Biotechnology and other EFB publications.
            • Opportunities to promote society journals and publications to >25,000 EFB members.
            • Opportunities to contribute to position papers submitted to the European Commission.
            • Direct participation in defining EFB strategy and future activities.
            • Invitation to submit of articles / position papers for publication in New Biotechnology.
            • Invitation to an annual strategic policy meeting with the Executive Board.
            • Voting rights at the annual EFB General Assembly.
            • Listing in the EFB Directory on the EFB website.
            • Right to nominate colleagues for election onto the EFB Executive Board.

            To apply for Institutional Membership please complete and return the application form to the EFB Central Office:

            If you have any questions regarding Institutional Membership and/or are interested in other opportunities for support with additional benefits to you, please do not hesitate to contact Karsten Zimny (karsten[at]efbiotechnology.org)

            Personal Membership

            Benefits to Personal Members:

            • Free of charge
            • Receive monthly electronic newsletter
            • Possibility of joining any of EFB's sections
            • Receive information on key biotechnology events, section activities and other relevant biotechnology information.


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