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            EFB2021 Banner

            Registration is Open!

            EFB2021 Virtual Conference is now open for registration and abstract submission. This 5-day conference will cover all aspects of biotechnology:

             General topics of EFB2021: biocatalysis, bioeconomy, bioengineering and bioprocessing, biomaterials and plastics, environmental biotechnology, medical and biopharmaceutical, microbial biotechnology, sustainable food production, and Publication workshop.
            Register now


            Plenary Speakers

            List of EFB2021 confirmed Pleanary Speakers: Takashi Hayashi, Trish Malarkey, Christian Patermann

            Confirmed Speakers

            List of confirmed speakers

            The daily events will include:

             EFB2021 Activities: A morning session with keynote lectures, short presentations, flash posters; a stellar plenary lecture; an afternoon session with keynote lectures, short presentations, flash posters.
            Check EFB2021 programme

            Take the stage at EFB2021 and submit your abstract for:

             EFB2021 Stages: short oral presentation in the main programme, flash poster presentation in the main programme (one-minute video presentation), poster presentation in the virtual poster gallery.

            Find abstract submission details here:

            Abstract Submission



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            ORGANISED BY:

            Organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology

            European Federation of Biotechnology
            Phone: +34 93 521 1153
            E-mail: [email protected]

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