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            ECB2020 - Sponsorship Options
            ECB2020 Banner

            ECB2020 Scientific Programme

            We are pleased to announce that Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Secretary General of the European Association of Bioindustries (EUROPABIO), will deliver a keynote lecture on Biobased Value Chains at ECB2020 in Maastricht.

            Streams 4, 5 and 6

            STREAM 4
            Biocatalysis & metabolic engineering
            Enzyme discovery for biocatalysis and metabolic engineering
            Laboratory evolution of biocatalysts and cell factories
            Computional design of enzymes for biocatalysis
            Computational design of cell factories
            Biosensors and synthetic regulatory circuits in metabolic engineering
            Biocatalysis and metabolic engineering: from lab to industrial application
            STREAM 5
            Biotechnology for the environment & energy
            Sustainable bioenergy
            Recycling rare resources
            Biobased value chains
            Bioenergy and other renewables
            High added value products
            STREAM 6
            Grand challenges
            What are the major challenges for biotech in upcoming years? Take a look at science from a global perspective.

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