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            Microbial Stress Meeting - promotional banner

            Deadline extension for registration and abstract submission

            The 2020 EFB Microbial Stress Meeting has been postponed until 16-18 November 2020, due to the on-going pandemic. The registration is open and we are looking forward to receiving abstracts for poster and oral presentations!

            The scientific programme includes an outstanding panel of speakers who will give talks on topics such as: Stress at the Systems and Structural level, Stress signaling, Antibiotic stress and Persistence, Biotic and abiotic stress as evolutionary drivers. Moreover, we are delighted to co-organize a Session on “Industrial applications of low pH stress on microbial bio-based production” together with the COST Action CA18113 EuroMicropH.

            Keynote lectures will be given by Prof James Bardwell (University of Michigan, USA) on "Chaperone folding under stress conditions" and by Prof Regine Hengge (Hermann von Helmholtz University, Berlin, Germany - EMBO keynote speaker) "Second messenger signalling". All speakers listed in the programme have confirmed their availability.

            Please, visit our website to learn more about the meeting and our COVID-19 contingency plan. We are looking forward to meeting you in Rome for an inspiring meeting!

            Abstract submission deadline extended:

            21 August 2020

            ??Submit Now??

            Early-bird registration deadline extended:

            21 August 2020

            ??Register Now??

            Event sponsors

            Organised by:

            EFB Microbial Biotechnology Division Logo

            Microbial Stress Congress
            Phone: +34 93 4020599
            E-mail: [email protected]