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            EFB2021 - Banner


            Sixty flash poster presentations still available: submit your abstract now.

            Submit your abstract now


            12 APRIL 2021

            Register here

            13 AND 14 MAY 2021: BIOCATALYSIS DAYS

            13 May 2021: AFOB-EFB Biocatalysis: cascade reactions

            Infographic: Biovatalysis day 13 May 2021 - AFOB-EFB Biocatalysis: cascade reactions - Pleanery Lecture: An efficient biopesticide to fully replace chemical pesticides

            14 May 2021: Biocatalysis - biohybrid processes

            Infographic: Biovatalysis day 13 May 2021 - AFOB-EFB Biocatalysis: cascade reactions - Pleanery Lecture: An efficient biopesticide to fully replace chemical pesticides
            Twenty flash poster presentations still available: priority for Asian / AFOB colleagues.
            Scientific programme


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            EFB Bioeconomy Journal - Banner

            Contribute to upcoming EFB Bioeconomy Journal special issue: Improving Nutrient Efficiency for Crops

            We would like to invite manuscripts discussing research relevant to improving nutrient efficiency for crops, which is so relevant for the future of sustainable agriculture. In this special issue, we are seeking to publish work of agronomical relevance or academic excellence, reporting fundamental findings, optimized agricultural practices, data analysis and theoretical work. View the Call for Papers on the journal homepage for more information and to submit.
            More information
            EFB Journal  - Nanobody click chemistry for convenient site-specific fluorescent labelling, single step immunocytochemistry and delivery into living cells by photoporation and live cell imaging.
            As next-generation sequencing technology has become more advanced, research on microbial 16S ribosomal DNA sequences has developed rapidly. Sequencing of 16S ribosomal DNA allows the composition of bacteria and archaea in a sample to be obtained and many analytical tools related to 16S ribosomal DNA sequences have been proposed; however, most do not include a user-friendly platform with a graphical user interface. Here, a comprehensive and easy-to-use online platform, Easy Microbiome Analysis Platform (EasyMAP), has been developed for analysis of 16S ribosomal DNA sequencing data. EasyMAP integrates the QIIME2, LefSe, and PICRUSt pipelines and includes temporal profiling analysis. Users can perform quality checks, taxonomy differential abundance analysis, microbial gene function prediction and longitudinal analysis with step-by-step guidance.
            Read more
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            We would like to thank to thank our sponsors for their continued support throughout these challenging times.
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            World Microbe Forum - FEMS - Promotional Banner

            FEMS and ASM Event

            World Microbe Forum

            Do you want to be part of a groundbreaking, online meeting
            uniting the microbial sciences community worldwide, bringing together FEMS2021 and ASM Microbe 2021?

            Then visit www.worldmicrobeforum.org and join us in June!

            More information
            Kinase 2021: 9th SCI / RSC Symposium on Kinase Inhibitor Design

            SCI Event

            3rd SCI-RSC Symposium on Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development

            Cell surface transporters play a key role in human health and disease, both through their impact on drug disposition and as therapeutic targets in their own right. This meeting will feature talks on transporter structural biology, the impact of transporters on ADME and biodistribution, transporters as therapeutic targets and other aspects of transporters relevant to drug discovery and development.

            More information
            Microbiology Society - Annual Conference Online 2021 - banner

            Annual Conference Online 2021: Poster prize lectures

            This year we are happy to announce we will be holding nine poster prize lectures over the course of five days at Annual Conference Online 2021.

            These lectures will cover a wide range of topics including sequence-gazing; genomics and disease prevention; tools and strategies needed to achieve malaria elimination and eradication and more.

            Join us at our flagship annual meeting to connect and hear about the latest scientific research from renowned microbiologists.
            Register your place today
            EFB Events
            organised by EFB
            10 - 14 May 2021

            11th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management
            ICEEM 11

            co-organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Division
            8 -10 September 2021
            Muttenz ? Switzerland

            The International Symposium on Biopolymers

            co-organised by EFB Biobased Materials Division
            14 - 17 September 2021
            Crans-Montana ? Switzerland

            European Congress on Biotechnology

            co-organised by EFB
            22 - 25 May 2022
            Maastricht - The Netherlands

            Enbioeconomy 22
            Environmental biotechnology for a green economy

            organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Division
            spring 2022
            Gdynia - Poland
            EFB Member Events
            Exploring the Human Proteome with Antibodies, Transcriptomics and Mass Spectrometry
            organised by KTH
            30 May - 4 June 2021
            Stockholm - Sweden

            BioTech 2020
            organised by University of Chemistry and Technology
            16 - 19 June 2021
            Prague ? Czech Republic

            What's new in immunotherapies 2021
            organised by SCI
            17 June 2021

            New approaches in medicinal chemistry 2021
            organised by SCI
            28 - 29 June 2021

            European Federation of Biotechnology
            Gran Vía Carlos III, 98
            Torre Norte, Planta 10
            08028 Barcelona, Spain