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            EFB New Biotechnology Journal - 5,079 - Impact Factor Milestone
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            EFB Bioeconomy Journal - Promotional video below

            European Congress on Biotechnology - IBS Congress - Video
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            ACES Meeting , 1-3 September 2021
            Participate in the
            3rd Aachen Protein Engineering Symposium (AcES)
            from anywhere in the world!
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            Tiajin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, Covestro, Novel Techsciences, Sesam - Logos

            European Congress on Biotechnology - IBS Congress - banner
            European Congress on Biotechnology - Sang Yup Lee - Video

            We are pleased to announce that Sang Yup Lee, Professor at the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST, South Korea; will deliver a plenary lecture on Bio-based production by metabolically engineered bacteria: from bulk chemicals and polymers to fine chemicals and natural products, at ECB-IBS Congress 2022
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            Publishing for the community

            Publishing for the community

            Microbiology Society journals are increasingly supported by Publish and Read deals, offering institutions unlimited usage and frictionless Open Access publishing for faculty and authors. In the move towards Open Science, the Society encourages institutions to adopt Publish and Read deals, allowing fee-free operation in as many organisations as possible to maximise the number of researchers benefiting from Open Access publishing.
            By publishing with a Society journal, you will also support funding for grants, events, and activities for the community.

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            What's new in immunotherapies 2021
            The RSB is running training events on Laboratory Health & Safety (& COSHH) and Leadership in a Laboratory Environment. These courses are delivered over Zoom in August and September.
            More information
            EFB Events
            AcES 2021
            organised by EFB Biocatalysis Division
            1 - 3 September 2021

            Designer Biology 2021
            co-organised by the Bioengineering & Bioprocessing Division and the Biobased Materials Division
            8 - 10 September 2021

            European Congress on Biotechnology

            co-organised by EFB
            22 - 25 May 2022
            Maastricht - The Netherlands

            Enbioeconomy 22
            Environmental biotechnology for a green economy

            organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Division
            spring 2022
            Gdynia - Poland

            EFB Member Events
            11th International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Management
            ICEEM 11

            co-organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Division
            8 -10 September 2021
            Hybrid Format

            What medicinal chemists need to know about biology II
            organised by SCI
            27 - 28 September 2021

            co-organised by the Polish Academy of Science
            8 - 10 November 2021
            Kraków - Poland

            European Federation of Biotechnology
            Gran Vía Carlos III, 98
            Torre Norte, Planta 10
            08028 Barcelona, Spain