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            EFB Newsletter Banner
            EFB Position Paper banner - Gene Editing Regulations: A Position Paper From the European Federation of Biotechnology - Banner

            EFB Position Paper

            In response to the ruling of 25 of July 2018 by the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the regulatory framework for genetic engineering, the European Federation of Biotechnology has published its position papers. The EFB explains why some gene editing should not be considered as equivalent to genetic engineering and why the regulatory framework for genetic engineering should not be extended to those methods of gene editing. In the position papers, the EFB presents the reasons why the CJEU ruling should be revised.
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            EFB Position Paper banner - Banner

            Open Statement

            European scientists urgently reach out to the newly elected European Parliament and European Commission to enable the potential of genome editing for sustainable agriculture and food production

            One year after the ruling of CJEU in case C-528/16 on GMO, European scientists from various research institutions and industry have united and, in the Open Statement, they reach out the EU institutions to point out the necessity of legislation revision. The current interpretation of the EU law prevents the use of genome editing methods for sustainable agriculture and food production in the EU.
            Open statement
            Position paper
            EFB Position Paper banner - Banner

            EFB GM Statement

            European Federation of Biotechnology's View on Benefits of Gene Editing

            The document gives additional information on the ruling of the Court of Justice of European Union in case C-528/16 on gene editing technologies and the impact it will have on innovation in the area of biotechnology in Europe. Our hope is that the information can be used in rallying support from researchers around Europe and to explain to politicians why the legislation on which the ruling is based should be revised.
            Read here
            ECB2020 banner

            Akihiko Kondo confirmed as ECB2020 keynote speaker

            ECB2020 – 28 June - 1 July 2020, Maastricht, The Netherlands

            We are pleased to announce that Director of Biorefinery Center and Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kobe University will deliver a keynote lecture at ECB2020 in Maastricht.

            ECB2020 banner

            On 10-13 June, Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good V conference was held in Olomouc, Czech Republic. The meeting organised by EFB and C. R. Haná was attended by over 140 biotechnologists from 20 countries. New trends in plant biotechnology, genetics and plant biochemistry were presented by speakers from 15 countries and on 85 posters.

            PYFF banner

            The seventh “Conference on Physiology of Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi (PYFF7)” held in Milano, at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy, from June 24th to June 27th attracted 237 international scientists who shared their viewpoints and recent outcomes concerning the mechanisms involved in the physiology of yeasts and filamentous fungi and the cutting-edge technologies developed for achieving novel knowledge. The 62 oral and 119 poster presentations covered different aspects, from fundamental research to applications in many and diverse fields, enabling an active interaction among participants, cross fertilization of ideas and shares of visions. The diverse backgrounds of the participants as well as the high scientific level of the presentations promoted stimulating discussions that livened up comments after any talk.

            Organisers are very pleased of the success and of the echo of the meeting, and they take the opportunity to thank all the speakers, participants, sponsors and scientific committee members that made all this possible

            New Biotechnology - Impact of temperature and pH on recombinant human IgM - Banner
            Read here
            The 31 Annual Meeting of the Thai Society for Biotechnology and International Conference - Event Banner
            More information
            Eppendorf - Stem Cell Community Day 2019 - Banner


            Stem Cell Community Day 2019

            Bringing the global stem cell research community together
            Following up on two successful events on recent advances in the stem cell field, Eppendorf is hosting the Stem Cell Community Day 2019 on November 21 in Lisbon, Portugal.
            We invite all researchers to discuss challenges, opportunities, and achievements in stem cell bioprocessing with a special focus on controlled cultivation in stirred-tank bioreactors.
            Submit your abstract for a poster presentation until 1st October 2019 and have the chance to win 1000 Euros!
            Check out our website as we update the program on a regular basis.

            Register now
            SCI Event Banner

            SCI Event

            ADMET 2019

            The aim of the day is to provide participants with a practical understanding of ADMET parameters, how to diagnose common ADMET problems and how to improve compound design to overcome these problems. The event is aimed at organic chemists working in a pharmaceutical research environment and students thinking about a career in this sector.
            More information
            Microbial Society Event Banner
            Providing a great opportunity for people in the arbovirus research community to meet and exchange ideas. Key topics at The Third International Meeting on Arboviruses and their Vectors include Pathogenesis, immunology and vaccines, Virus–host interactions, Virus replication and Vector biology.
            More information
            31stAnnual Meeting of
the Thai Society for Biotechnology and International Conference - Banner

            Open Call for ACTIP Fellowships Applications 2019-2020

            ACTIP is an informal science-based forum of European companies employing animal cell technology in the development and production of biopharmaceuticals, vaccines and other preventative or therapeutic approaches.
            Twice a year the ACTIP member company representatives, invited speakers and observer companies meet to discuss scientific research, development, technology and regulatory topics of mutual interest.
            ACTIP opens up these informal industrial meetings to young scientists working on a project in biomanufacturing or related activity of industrial interest, i.e. development of new expression systems, new mammalian cell lines, cell culture processes, test development.
            The ACTIP Fellowship consists of all costs paid to attend a two-day ACTIP meeting.

            Deadline: 9 August 2019
            Apply now
            Royal Society of Biology - Banner

            Industry Skills Certificate

            The Industry Skills Certificate is a new initiative by the Royal Society of Biology, designed to support the employability of scientists into industry. The certificate will recognise a set of skills and knowledge gained through participation in online and in-person training courses. The certificate is beneficial for PhD students, early career researchers, postdoctoral researchers, and those currently working in industry to gain core business skills.
            More information
            SCI Event Banner

            Biochemical Society

            Science Communication Competition 2019

            “We were pleased to see such a variety of interesting and creative entries to this year’s competition. Science is often a complex and challenging topic to communicate so it’s essential that we continue to encourage and support effective science communicators to help promote better understanding of these important topics amongst wider society.”
            Dr Helen Watson, Chair of the Biochemical Society’s Education

            The winning articles are included within the Society’s bi-monthly magazine, The Biochemist, and are published online along with the winning video entries.
            Click here to see the winners

            EFB Events

            Designer Biology 2019
            organised by EFB Polymer Biotechnology & EFB Bioengineering and Bioprocessing Section
            31 July - 2 August 2019
            Newcastle - UK

            10 European Symposium on Biopolymers
            Sponsored by EFB Polymer Biotechnology
            25 - 27 September 2019
            Straubing - Germany

            European Congress on Biotechnology

            organised by EFB
            28 June 1 - July 2020
            Maastricht - The Netherlands

            EFB Member Events

            IMAV 2019: International Meeting on Arboviruses and their Vectors
            organised by Microbiology Society
            5 ? 6 September 2019
            Glasgow ? Scotland

            20th SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium
            organised by SCI
            8 ? 11 September 2019
            Cambridge ? UK

            7th EUROBIOTECH Congress
            co-organised by Polish Academy of Sciences
            23 ? 25 September 2019
            Krakow ? Poland

            New Synthetic Methods II
            organised by SCI
            10 October 2019
            London ? UK

            What can Big Data do for Chemistry II
            organised by SCI
            16 October 2019
            London ? UK

            Microbes in Medicine: A Century of Microbiology at Trinity College Dublin
            organised by Microbiology Society
            24 – 25 October 2019
            Dublin? Ireland

            Antimicrobial Drug Discovery from Traditional and Historical Medicine
            organised by Microbiology Society
            29 October 2019
            Oxford ? UK

            The 7th international Workshop on Nanotechnology and Application IWNA 2019
            co-organised by AFOB
            6 - 9 November 2019
            Phan Thiet – Vietnam

            What A Chemist Needs To Know About Biology 1: In Vitro Biology
            co-organised by SCI
            11 November 2019
            London – UK

            Young Asian Biochemical Engineers’ Community (YABEC-East 2019)
            organised by AFOB
            22 -25 November 2019
            Seul – Korea

            Synthetic Biology 2019
            organised by Biochemical Society
            9 ? 10 December 2019
            Warwick ? UK
            European Federation of Biotechnology
            Parc Cientific Barcelona
            Baldiri Reixac 4-8
            08028 Barcelona, Spain