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            EFB Newsletter Banner
            ECB2020 banner

            Meet our plenary and keynote speakers

            The congress will feature five pleanary lectures. World leaders in their respective fields will present the keynote lectures for each of the symposia.

            Plenary and keynote speakers

            Meet our speakers
            Maastricht - sunnset blue ceramics-faience

            Trade, exhibition & sponsorship

            An excellent platform for industry and academia to meet. Reach out to leading European biotechnologists through many opportunities available, including:

            Showcasing your products/services at the trade exhibition, sponsorship of the congress or individual symposia, taking part in discussions and networking plus more.

            To discuss further, contact Punita Halladey:

            +44 7934 046 172

            [email protected]

            Maastricht - sunnset blue ceramics-faience

            Register and submit your abstract now!

            You can now submit your abstract not only for the ECB2020/IBS2020 6 Streams, but also for,
              AFOB/EFB nanobiotechnology highlight event
              Choose topic: “Nanobiotechnology” upon submission

              ACIB symposium
              Choose topic: “Industrial biotechnology; biochemical engineering” upon submission

              EuropaBio/EFB highlight event
              Choose topic: “General biotechnology” upon submission

              AFOB/EFB satellite meeting on biocatalysis
              Choose topic: “Biocatalysis and recombinant protein production” upon submission

              AFOB/EFB satellite meeting on bioeconomy
              Choose topic: “Circular bioeconomy” upon submission.

            Deadline for Congress abstract submission:
            6 April 2020
            Abstract submission


            Microbial Stress Congress 2020
            This meeting is a “must attend” event in the field. It is aimed at covering both fundamental and applied aspects related to microbial responses to stress, from molecular to population and system level.

            The Scientific Programme enjoys a panel of outstanding speakers and is designed to offer plenty of opportunities not only to established scientists to speak, but also to Early Career Investigators to present their work orally and as posters and to widen their scientific network.

            Registration is open
            5th Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe - Banner
            ASBE V will explore the wealth of applied Synthetic Biology research, covering several bioproducts and application areas by discussing different biological systems——from bacteria through yeast to mammalian cells.

            Save the dates and share your research with the global SynBio community!

            Early bird registration opening soon.
            New Biotechnology - Plant biotechnology: Green for Good V 2019

            EFB Journal New Biotechnology

            Diverse human VH antibody fragments with bio-therapeutic properties from the Crescendo Mouse

            The Crescendo Mouse produces human VH fragments, or Humabody? VH, with excellent bio-therapeutic potential, as exemplified here by the generation of antagonistic Humabody? VH specific for human IL17A and IL17RA.
            Read more
            Oxizymes banner

            EFB Polymer Biotechnology Section Event


            The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate scientific research on the discovery and mode of action of oxidoreductases and their industrial applications. Initially specifically devoted to research activities on laccases and peroxidases, this series of conferences is now open to contributions related to the whole class of oxidoreductases.
            More information
            Eppendorf - SciVario? twin – Banner


            SciVario? twin – One for All

            Scientists need a bioprocess control system that evolves together with their laboratory. With the first bioprocess controller that comes with VisioNize?-onboard and modular hardware features, Eppendorf offers an innovative, intuitive, and intelligent twin-system, ready to bring the digital age to bioprocess laboratories. The SciVario? twin bioprocess controller was launched successfully in February. At launch it supports glass and single-use bioreactors in a range of 0.7 – 3.8 L and can run microbial as well as cell culture applications. With future updates, provided for free by Eppendorf, the SciVario twin will be able to control up to 50 L vessels without the need of any hardware modifications.
            More information
            FEBS banner

            FEBS Event

            2020 Advanced Courses

            As one of the largest scientific organizations in the European community, and with the general aim of advancement of research and education for the public benefit in the sciences of biochemistry, molecular biology and related disciplines, FEBS funds a range of scientific and educational events on advanced topics in these areas. FEBS funding of courses is focused on promotion of molecular life sciences in Europe and enhancing collaboration between different regions.
            More information
            The antibody revolution, its origin, propagation and impact on the pharmaceutical industry - SCI Event Banner

            SCI Event

            Sir Gregory Winter –The antibody revolution, its origin, propagation and impact on the pharmaceutical industry

            In recent years the application of genetic engineering technologies and/or laboratory-based evolution have led to the development of antibodies as a new class of pharmaceutical drugs.
            Sir Winter will discuss the way in which this technology originated and was propagated, the impact of start-up companies and licensing strategies on the development of this market and on pharmaceutical companies, and the potential for further improvements.
            More information
            Anniversary Fundraising Raffle - Event Banner

            Prizes include a VIP safari tour, guided tour of the Houses of Parliament, London Symphony Orchestra concert tickets, behind the scenes viewing of the ITV news, a hands-on beekeeping course …and many more! Be in with the chance of winning whilst supporting the biosciences community: enter online at rsb.org.uk/raffle by 25th February 2020.

            More information
            7th Indonesian Biotechnology Conference 2020 (IBC 2020) - Event Banner
            More information

            EFB Events

            European Congress on Biotechnology

            organised by EFB
            28 June - 1 July 2020
            Maastricht - The Netherlands

            Microbial Stress 2020
            organised by EFB Microbial Physiology Section
            31 August - 2 September 2020
            Rome - Italy

            5th Applied Synthetic Biology in Europe
            co-organised by EFB Microbial Physiology & Bioengineering and Bioprocessing Section
            2 - 4 November 2020
            Delft - Netherlands

            Circular Bioeconomy Summit
            organised by EFB Environmental Biotechnology Section in collaboration with Bioeconomy Task Group
            Spring 2021

            EFB Member Events

            3rd SCI-RSC Symposium on Transporters in Drug Discovery and Development
            organised by SCI
            21 ? 22 April 2020
            London ? UK

            Eficacia, seguridad y calidad de las Terapias Naturales
            organised by MTC
            29 May 2020
            Pe?íscola ? Spain

            European Federation of Biotechnology
            Parc Cientific Barcelona
            Baldiri Reixac 4-8
            08028 Barcelona, Spain